Apr 25

Italian Food Catering Services For Your Next Gathering from Maria’s Italian Kitchen

There are several situations where you may have to arrange for catering. Perhaps somebody is having an engagement, perhaps your office needs to arrange on-site meals, or you are interested in throwing a private party that stays fresh in everyone’s memory for a long, long time. Once you’ve chosen to arrange for catering, the main question you need to answer is what type of food you’d prefer. Maria’s Italian Kitchen would like to suggest Italian food.

Catering, as you may perhaps know, is one of Maria’s specialties. They have been providing Italian food catering services to Los Angeles for a very long time and they have gotten pretty good at it. Our dedicated catering and events staff has the determination and experience to appease all of your requests while staying inside your budget and providing you with some of Los Angeles’ best Italian food. Catering rarely used to be this convenient.

If you’re scheduling your wedding, you may want to think about serving Italian food. Catering services with Maria’s Italian Kitchen don’t stop with the food, however. They can help you with all the little details from choosing a location, to food, drinks and even decoration. Speak to their events staff regarding the arrangement of a traditional Italian wedding, even if you aren’t Italian! Food, catering, location and decoration are all parts of the package.

They are also really seasoned at providing craft services to the film and TV industries. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and there is nothing less entertaining than an empty stomach. They’ll keep your cast and crew’s spirits high and well fed with their selection of authentic, wholesome Italian food. Catering for the specific food allergies and dietary requirements of your people is not a problem, either.

If you’re having a private party in the near

Apr 25

A Simple Tuna Pasta Recipe

There are many different types of tuna pasta mayonnaise salad recipes you can prepare, but if you wish to whip up a quick easy dish, simplicity is main factor. This Tuna Pasta Recipe is very simple. You can use just a few ingredients (with perhaps some seasoning of some kind) or additional ingredients to enhance the Tuna Pasta Recipe.

To begin, you’ll need to cook up some pasta, following the instructions on the packaging. You can use whole wheat or white pasta. The shape doesn’t matter either, it’s completely up to you. Boil the pasta until it is al dente (Firm to the bite) instead of too soft. Next, drain the pasta and let it cool off. If you have leftover pasta in the fridge you may want to use that instead of cooking fresh.

Then, in a large bowl, stir in a spoonful of mayonnaise to the cooled pasta. Drain out a can of tuna and flake it with a fork. Stir the tuna into the pasta mixture. Now you have a basic tuna pasta mayonnaise salad.

What Else Can I Add?

To make your pasta dish more exciting, you may want to add spices, herbs and seasonings. Black pepper, cayenne pepper, coriander, Salt, chili powder, oregano, parsley and basil
are just a handful of ingredients you can use. You could also include some kind of tomatoes such as fresh tomatoes or tinned tomatoes. If you do that, you might choose want to add some parmesan cheese or a grated alternative because cheese goes brilliantly with tomato.

Other tasty additions include sliced green or black olives, capers, finely chopped cucumber, mustard, pine nuts and pesto, chopped anchovies, and drained sweet corn kernels. Just use a couple of these rather than all of them, or you may overcrowd your

Apr 24

Dark Chocalate Covered Almonds

Today I purchased some dark chocolate cover almonds at the grocery store. You know, the ones in the bulk bins. Customers think they are the “natural foods” of the grocery store. At least that we as consumers have been lead to believe. However, they are not gluten-free or dairy free. And the dark chocolate covered almonds were not made with Ghirardelli or Lindt chocolate.

But that’s another story.

These tasty little treats are a delight with a Cuppa Joe. I prefer to drink Peet’s Uzuri African Blend. They bring out the dark berry flavor of the roasted bean. The coffee brands I like are Starbucks, Peet’s, and Tulley’s coffee. I occasionally go for the Seattle’s Best Coffee brand.

But anyway…

So I am sipping on ol Joe and munching on these almonds. And lo! I had an epiphany. The mega-lightbulb appeared over my head. It was a bright 100 watt bulb. I reached up and pulled the chain. Actually, I put on my sunglasses took and off my shirt. Hey, I wanted a tan. No, not really.

An epiphany means: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

The epiphany was with the coffee and chocolate covered almond. You get the two separate foods with distinct separate taste together. The coffee and the chocolate pull out the best in another.

Think about that for a moment…

Both have components of caffeine. Each has it’s own power of influence. There four sections on your tongue. All together they hit on the bitter, salty, sweet sour of those sections.

Then aside from this, you get a hard crunch from the almond. The chewing of the almond gives you the impact or vibration in the nerves in your mouth and head. I think the

Apr 24

Fast Food Logos And Its Elements

you ever wondered why fast food logos are among the most recognizable and memorable logo design of the world? Be it KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos, these brands have picked perfect logos for their restaurants. Like every other industry, food industry is also a hugely competitive industry.
Have you ever wondered why fast food logos are among the most recognizable and memorable logo design of the world? Be it KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos, these brands have picked perfect logos for their restaurants. Like every other industry, food industry is also a hugely competitive industry.
Therefore, its logo shouldn”t be ignored in any way and all the elements to be used in just right way “” color, text and style and the combination of all three. You must have noticed that all the renowned brands get a logo design for themselves which say a lot in simple way. So, if you want to be a successful brand, in any field, design a logo design which targets yours customers clearly.
Elements of Fast Food Logos:
1: Color
Color has direct physiological effects on the brain. You must have noticed that most of the fast food logos are in red or yellow or both colors. This combination of red and yellow color is also referred as “Ketchup and Mustard theory.” Red color is the one that attracts ones attention, makes you hungry and energetic. On the other hand, yellow is an attractive cool color which is capable of stimulating our appetite. Together, if these colors used they symbolize happiness, laughter and good times.
2: Fonts
To get the right font for fast food logos is very critical and important. Fonts of your fast food logo will convey the taste and quality of food

Apr 23

Getting Pasta Recipe

Pasta is eaten around the world and it is possible to sell it in different sizes, shapes and color. Various cultures are known for particular types of foods, and if you want to see the best recipe Pasta, you should consider one from Italy. If you are planning to prepare Pasta for your customers, you will want to be versed with the knowledge on different ways of preparing Pasta to suit various customers.

Consider the region or area where your hotel premises or business is located, and include their preferences regarding the Pasta served there. However, you may require customizing your services if your hotel and guest house is attracting guests from other places around the world. However, it may be difficult to provide diversity suiting everyone; make sure that this is a priority as far as big and well-known hotels are concerned since they could attract people from outside. Small hotels are likely to attract customers mainly from the locals.

Pasta had been thought to originate from China, but this insinuation has been refuted. There is an association of the original Pasta (made of durum wheat semolina) to the Arabians as from their conquest of Sicily. Chinese noodles are made with other grains unlike Pasta (Italian) which is made of durum wheat semolina.

The knowledge regarding the different types of Pastas that can be asked for by customers need to be with you. These types include Pasta Salad, Fresh Pasta and Pasta Puttanesca among others. You may search for a vast amount of information in the internet regarding the Pasta which your customer will need. This is important in case you are providing it to different types of people say in a hotel.

It may be necessary to consider providing a variety of Pastas especially if the customers whom you

Apr 22

No Carb Pasta

I’m a recovering pasta lover. It’s like a taboo thing with be nowadays with all the low carb epidemic yet my pasta eating days finished prolonged before, whenever I observed that everytime I chowed down about a big pasta dinner (my favorite was pasta primavera), I’d crash out regarding 30 moments afterwards into what I called my “carb coma.” But now, my friends, to become alarmed with worry the insulin spiking and blood glucose crashing effects of pasta any more. A pasta-lover’s magic, Shirataki pasta is my new hero.

Gluten-free, calorie-free, low-carb, high-fiber noodles that is found in a vast array of dishes, Shirataki noodles contain carbohydrates of that pretty small is digested inside small intestine. How is this possible, you may well ask? Actually, Shirataki comes from the root of a plant (Amorphophallus Konjac) grown in a variety of components of Asia, and contains a fiber is additionally known as glucomannan that can play a role inside blood glucose control, plus improve cholesterol control and weight loss./p>

What’s more, scientists inside Thailand found that merely 1 gram has the power with greatly slow the consumption of glucose into a bloodstream following you eat a high carb dish, creating virtually any dish much healthier for you.
Shirataki noodles come filled inside fluid and perhaps they are ready to enjoy from the package.

You should be able to find them at many health food stores. They don’t have much of a taste about their own, as well as the noodles are virtually transluscent. There are two types available, the yam alone (a bit rubbier), and a tofu type (springy). The noodles takes found on the tastes of whatever it is actually served with, be sure that you wash them before cooking. My favorite recipes with make with these fantastic noodles are stir fries, particularly

Apr 22


Pasta has to be Italy’s greatest contribution to world cuisine. Most people usually associate pasta with noodles, but pasta actually refers to a wide assortment of flour and grain concoctions that come in a variety of shapes. Macaroni is one such pasta that is not in noodle form. The word pasta comes from the Italian word for paste or dough.

Pasta also refers to dishes that have pasta as the main ingredient and which are usually spruced up with sauce or a type of seasoning.

There are two ways to cook pasta- by extrusion and by lamination. Extrusion mashes the ingredients through a die, which is a plate with holes. Lamination calls for the dough to be kneaded and folded, later rolled to achieve a thick mixture before it is cut with the use of slitters. Fresh pasta is easy to cook and is ready quickly but it spoils easily as well since its content is mostly water. Dry pasta lasts longer because it has only around 10% moisture.

There are now Italian pastas as well as American pastas. The Italian pasta, which has a yellow color and a chewy texture, comes from durum wheat semolina. American pastas are made from farina and semolina, with a texture and flavor that are inferior to Italian pastas and are used mostly in casseroles. There are also Asian noodles, which are thinner than pasta and come from wheat flour.

The most popular pastas are certainly the noodle-type pastas such as spaghetti and vemicelli. Macaroni is the most popular short tube pasta, followed by penne. Fettucine and linguine are pasta that are shaped like ribbons. There is also pasta made from tiny grains such as couscous and orzo as well as pasta made from large sheets like lasagna. Ravioli, tortellini and manicotti are an

Apr 20

Simple Ideas For Easy Pasta Recipes

Adults and children alike love pasta. It is very quick and easy to prepare. It is also economical, satisfying, and filling. These are the reasons why pasta is one of the most popular ingredients for everyday meal. Read more to discover some ideas for easy pasta recipes. Most of the recipes mentioned below can be found online.

To prepare a quick and easy meal, you need to know several shortcut ingredients and easy ways to prepare them. This method will help you save time and money in preparing an everyday meal. Pasta sauces, for examples, are easy to make and store in the refrigerator. This way, you can make a large batch and save it for later consumption.

A lot of people enjoy Bolognese sauce over their pasta. To cook this sauce, you need to prepare vegetables, meat, tomatoes, seasonings, and dry herbs such as oregano and basil. Chop the vegetables before you cook them. Brown the meat and cook in low heat until the liquid is reduced and you get the consistency you are looking for. For even easier and quicker Bolognese sauce, use an instant Bolognese herb mix with tomato sauce.

Serve this sauce over any kinds of pasta. However, it is most suitable with fettucine, spaghetti, or other long pasta. You can keep this sauce in the freezer and reheat it close to serving time. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese for extra flavor.

If you need a healthier sauce, consider preparing pesto sauce. This popular sauce uses healthy ingredients such as olive oil, fresh basil, grated hard cheese, and pine nuts. This is a delicious sauce that will be loved by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. You can easily turn it into a vegan friendly sauce by omitting the cheese or substitute it with soy cheese.

If you

Apr 19

How to Increase Your Chocolate’s Shelf Life

A chocolate seller’s most important concern is to increase his products’ shelf life. Many shops still miss some small details related to storage. In this article, we will highlight few tips to maximize your chocolate’s shelf life up to 12 months.

Maintain your chocolate Temperature between 17�C & 22�C

Placed at a wrong temperature causes in damaging your chocolate. Putting your products at a high temperature badly affects the aroma and taste. Such conditions, causes your chocolates to melt, disfigure and generate white patches called fat blooms, instead of maintaining a shiny brown color. On the other hand, cooling your chocolate will distort the crystalline structure and texture. Therefore, to protect your products from losing their quality, store them at 17�C to 22�C. If you are living in a country where you can’t conserve this range at room temperature, better place your products in a specialized refrigerator set at the required degrees.

Restrain humidity

Humidity is an enemy of chocolate. Excess of moisture drags the sugar out forming blooms. Sugar blooms, just like fat ones, only affect the chocolate aesthetically. To prevent this from happening, keep your humidity level below 50%.

Preserve a clean atmosphere

Leaving your chocolates open to bacteria and insects reduces their shelf life. To escape this, clean your hands frequently and keep everything surrounding your products sanitized. Constantly purify all the equipment used.

Keep air and light away

Exposed to air and light, chocolates will oxidize, change color and most probably lose the original flavor. The high concentration of anti-oxidants in dark chocolate permits it to tolerate air and light more than milk chocolate. However, to avoid damaging the taste in all types of chocolate, keep your products away from sunlight and make sure to sell them in wraps.

Use aluminum wrappers

In case your chocolate melts, paper and plastic wrappers discharge the butter to the

Apr 19

Benefits Of Availing Food Samples

Many families across the world run on tight budgets to support their families. With price rocketing, many cannot afford all the products that are advertised. However many food manufacturers offer food samples for customers to select. To get access to free food samples customers should have a good internet connection and knowledge of computer operation to benefit from getting free food samples and increasing the bank balance. Your mailbox and inbox are great sources to receive information about various food samples offered by manufacture for customer to benefit. The plus point of receiving free food samples instead of spending your hard earned on food is you can get those items absolutely free.

To advertise their products many leading food manufacturers ranging spice to cookies offer freebies that will help you to taste and relish the products. Many ready to eat food products are also available under the free food samples which are beneficial for working moms. One of the best ways to enjoy free food samples is by signing up online at various places like restaurants where free food and desserts are offered on special occasions like birthdays and anniversary. This is a great way to sample some wonderful food on special occasions with your near and dear ones and also cost effective.

As registering for free food samples is a great budget saver, many companies lure customer to sample their products. This is two way benefits for both the customer and the manufacturer. The manufacturer is able to advertise his food product for a large population and many are able to taste the product. Customers in the process are able to taste new products introduced in the market for free. It is not only budget friendly the customer is able to access free food samples otherwise they might stay

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