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Being A Food Handler Does Not Necessarily Restrict One To The Restaurant And The Food Processing Ind

Food handlers today form the backbone of Americas food processing and restaurant industry. They have been there for decades on end but have always been in the background until now. The food industry has had a growth spurt of sorts and along with that comes the requirement for more jobs. Its fairly simple actually, the more mouths there are to feedmore will be the need for people in processing packaged foods and in restaurants to meet that production goal.

Food handlers jobs can vary from servers in restaurants to people who help transport packaged or perishable foods to food processors at a packaged food production plantthose who help slice and dice meat for packaging and consumption. But there is a whole other side that also needs certified food handlers to get going with their daily routines, like schools, senior living communities and health care organizations like hospitals.

Senior living communities for example always need certified food handlers, for helping out in the kitchens as cooks; either assisting head cooks or when it comes to delivering meals. A food handlers card is a must out here because of the duties they are in charge of. A food handler here is responsible for the planning and preparation of meals for the entire client population. In the guise of a cook, they are also responsible for the overall operation of food services including the occasionally catered events at the community. They have to prepare bulk quantities of food, assist in planning menus, prepare healthy meals and maintain sanitary conditions in the kitchen. They are also responsible when it comes to the supplies and have to check inventory of food, utensils and supplies ensuring an adequate stock exists for the preparation of daily meals.

The same goes for college campuses and schools where food

Oct 29

Making Pasta Salad Is Easy And Tasty

Pasta salads aren’t just vegetarian recipes, even if they lend themselves beautifully to vegetarianism. In actual fact, there’s something of a formula for making a pasta salad, and the great thing is that when you come to the “protein” category, you are just as free to add beans and cheese as you are to add cold ham or slicked chicken. You really just need to remember this formula, and you can almost do without consulting formal recipes at all.

Melody Thacker has done a Squidoo feature at squidoo.com/pasta-salad-recipes called “Quick and Easy Pasta Salad Recipes,” and among other details she provides a section about the basic ingredients for such a salad. These start with the pasta, something bite-sized rather than long shapes, like spaghetti or the big lasagna noodles. She suggests raw vegetables like broccoli, carrots, peppers, onions and tomatoes as the first addition, for flavor and crunch. You might also add a protein like cold cuts or cooked chicken, or flaked seafood, beans or cheese. A creamy or vinaigrette type of dressing finishes off the pasta dish.

The website allrecipes.com/HowTo/Five-Steps-to-Perfect-Pasta-Salad/Detail.aspx has a feature called “Five Steps to Perfect Pasta Salad” that starts, of course, with bite-sized pastas themselves. The next step includes key ingredients, such as slightly cooked or raw vegetables, some protein like seafood or sliced cooked chicken, or perhaps canned beans and crumbled mild cheeses. She suggests one major flavor supported by two others. Her third step is “Intense flavors,” which involves things like peppers, onions or stronger cheeses. Step four is onions and herbs, and then you would want a creamy or vinaigrette type of dressing.

If you’d rather just follow a recipe, though, then visit Chef Jamie Oliver’s website, at jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetarian-recipes/the-best-pasta-salad. Many celebrities and well-known cookbook series have their own particular favorites, so you’ll find a few pasta

Oct 27

Boost Your Employment Opportunity With A Food Handling Certificate

Do you fancy working in the food service industry of Australia? Then you will need a food handling certificate.

Whether you want to work as a kitchen hand, a chef or open up your own caf in Queenslands leading food district, you will find that food handling certificate is highly required. In fact is it among the first mandatory requirements for employment.

Where to get your food handling certificate?

There are many online training education providers in Australia today. But the best and most renowned of them all is Accredited Online Training or AOT.
AOT offers nationally accredited food handling certificate. This short course will give you the skills and knowledge required in the food service industry. You will be able to:

Apply and follow workplace hygiene practices and procedures.
Identify and control simple hazards.
Take hygienic measures necessary to ensure non-contamination of food that might put customers, colleagues and yourself at health risk.

AOTs food handling certificate course is a nationally accredited unit of competency under the requirements of the Australia Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Training education is delivered online. The food handling certificate course starts as soon as you sign up and log into your course. You can finish the course at any pace you want and you can even take a break and pause your online training education and resume afterwards at exactly where you left off.
Upon completion of the food handling certificate course, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for following workplace hygiene procedures as part of the advance Diploma of Tourism Management.

With the food handling certificate you can be sure to enhance you employment opportunities and build your skill base and knowledge in proper food handling and workplace hygiene.

To know more of AOTs food handling certificate course,

Oct 26

The Benefits Of Plastic Food Packaging

From condiments to fresh meats, frozen vegetables to dried pasta, plastic food packaging comes in many different forms and serves various purposes. The benefits of plastic food packaging go beyond a simple container used to ship and store products. With today’s advanced technology and the growing need for more eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, plastic food packaging has come a long way. Not only does plastic allow food to be stored in numerous locations and climates, but it also helps to keep consumers safe, preserve food quality and even reduce waste.

With foods being imported from various parts of the globe to your neighborhood grocery store, there is a growing concern over how fresh the foods remain upon arriving on the store shelves. By packaging foods in plastic, the products keep food fresh through travel and storage. Fresh produce, beverages and even dairy products can remain fresh in plastic packaging even when transported long distances, ensuring consumers are safe from bacteria and foodborne illness.

Food Quality:
Besides keeping food safe from bacteria and spoilage, plastic packaging helps to preserve food quality, as well. Freezer bags, for example, protect foods against freezer burn and ice crystals. Plastic packaging also works as a barrier against negative effects on food quality caused by exposure to moisture or oxygen. By keeping food protected and sealed in plastic packaging, flavors, textures and other quality components remain preserved.

Shelf Life:
Today’s consumers are often concerned with many foods’ shelf lives, as foods that stay fresher for longer periods of time are more convenient options that can also help reduce food costs. New technology in plastic packaging, such as multilayer package applications, help prolong the shelf life of foods such as beer, ketchup and milk. Many foods, including cooked poultry and baked goods, require

Oct 26

Raise In Food-borne Illnesses Driving Global Food Safety Testing Market

According to our latest research report, Global Food Safety Testing Market Analysis, the global food safety testing market has been witnessing significant developments over the past few years. Currently, almost every country in the world is taking appropriate measures to ensure safety of food products, which is validated by the fact that the number of food products recalled has expanded considerably. The projected market size for worldwide food safety testing products is likely to reach US$ 11.4 Billion by 2015 backed by factors, such as increasing incidences of food-borne illnesses and high food imports.

The study revealed that food-borne diseases have caused a great deal of economic and physical loss in several countries. This, in turn, has prompted the authorities to take proactive measures for food safety. In 2010, around 19,089 cases were due to food-borne diseases caused by pathogens in the US alone. In order to reduce the rising incidences of such diseases, the testing of food products has become an imperative need of the hour. Since 2005, total microbiology testing volume has increased from 629.9 Million to 738.3 Million tests in 2008.

Further, the report by RNCOS has also covered all the key aspects of the global food safety testing market. It has identified and analyzed the emerging trends in the market and intensively monitored the important drivers and other supporting factors. It has implicitly identified the possible growth areas in terms of technological developments. An in-depth analysis of the overall market and segments, such as pathogen tests, GMO testing, and pesticide testing have also been included in the report.

The report is an outcome of an extensive research and prudent analysis of the global food safety testing market that seeks to deliver reliable statistics and crucial details. It provides information and analysis on emerging sectors and developments

Oct 23

Spaghetti And Meatballs En Papillote

The intensity and pleasure of the flavors at least double with this version. Not one ounce of heat is lost as Spaghetti & Meatballs En Papillote makes its way from kitchen to table. As you cut into the parchment paper, gently pull back until the stew of bubbling tomato sauce, juicy meatballs, and al dente spaghetti unite in a hot, vaporized rush of Italian spices and aromas, and converge on your olefactory senses.

Spaghetti and Meatballs En Papillote

By Executive Chef John Kane, Kanes Restaurant, Grass Valley, California

Serves 4


1 lb. Spaghetti (cooked)

1 1/2 lbs. Fontanini Meatballs (cooked (approx. 24 1 oz)

3 cup Marinara Sauce

1 1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese (freshly grated)

1 cup Basil (julienned)

4 (1/2 sheets) Parchment Paper

Procedures:1. To prepare the pasta, place dry spaghetti in salted boiling water until al dente. Strain and cool down in cold water to stop cooking process. Strain, cover, set aside.

Method for Marinara Sauce:

Saut onions in olive oil over high heat until translucent. Add chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, half the basil, chili flakes and simmer for 10 min. Add garlic, adjust with salt and pepper. Simmer for 5 min. Pure if you wish or leave alone for a more rustic look. Add remaining basil at the end for freshness. Sauce can hold in refrigerator for 3 days or freeze until needed.

To Assemble:

1. All products are cold or at room temperature when constructing. Toss pasta in 1/2 tomato sauce and meatballs in 1/2 tomato sauce. In center of parchment paper, place 1/4 of the pasta with 1/4 of the meatballs on top. Dust with parmesan cheese and julienne basil. Fold over parchment paper, one corner to opposite corner (resembling a triangle). Start from one side, folding over in small increments, encapsulating the pasta

Oct 22

How To Keep Your Food Warm With A Food Warmer

When you work in catering you know the importance of keeping the food youve worked hard to prepare warm. However, if youve ever gone shopping for a food warmer you may have become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of machines there are on the market for keeping your food hot. If youve ever felt clueless about food warmers, what they do, and which ones will work best for you below is a list to get you started in the crowded world of food warmers.

Full Sized Warmers are the large food warmers that you often find at large events or hotel banquets. They hold large pans of food in place while hot water is placed in the bottom pan to keep the food hot and moist. Some full size warmers are quite big and designed to hold more than one full-sized pan of food. Other units are smaller. When you purchase a full sized warmer keep in mind that the warmer itself only holds hot water; you will need to buy the pans to hold the food separately.

If you plan to offer a lot of food, such as at a buffet, then you might want to invest in heated shelves which can keep food warm for long periods of time. Heated shelves are different from full size warmers since you dont have to worry about filling trays of hot water. They come in different sizes, and they are offered with different wattage points; bigger shelves need more wattage.

Another warmer type that utilizes water to heat foods is a round countertop food warmer. These types of food warmers are used for soups, gravies, and other liquid-based foods. You simply place hot water into the round countertop warmer and place a separate insert holding the food inside.

Oct 22

Cottage Food Laws Making Profits From Your Kitchen

If you search for a baking forum, several will pop up showcasing discussions about women worldwide using their home-based kitchens to bake cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, breads and more, all in an effort to make extra income and show-off their culinary talents. In 2002, Warren Brown, moonlighted as a cake baker, eventually leaving his job as a Washington DC lawyer to take his deliciously amazing cakes to the masses two bakeries. Today Brown has seven locations across Maryland, Virginia and the nations capitol.

Everyone knows someone who can create a delicious cake or pie; In fact, if you stroll through any community farmer’s market you will see folks selling their homemade baked goods, apple butter or heirloom candy? The ability to sell a food specialty is made possible in most United States (U.S.) communities by the existence of “cottage food laws;” a special law giving home food processors permission to make potentially non hazardous food products from the home kitchen. In the U.S., cottage food laws are different for every state so home food processor’s must check with their individual state regulatory agency to learn about specific food processing rules and food labeling requirements; while all other states may require the use of a licensed commercial kitchen.

Today eleven states currently have house bills pending, and the residents are hopeful these cottage food laws will pass bringing that much needed shot in the arm to their local economies. There is really no way of knowing how many home-based bakers and small food processors there are across America, however one thing is for certain, today the consumers desire for homemade, clean label foods with no preservatives opens the door for all food entrepreneurs ready and willing to become essential commodities in their community.

The list of states below have cottage

Oct 20

At A Pizza And Pasta Festival, Geetika Bhagat Tastes The Original Version And Comes Out Enlightened

Espresso, biscotti, an array of pizzas and pastas, a selection of cheeses, salami matching wines. If all the above are the perfect ingredients of your Sunday afternoon brunch, when we recommend a meal at eggspectations at the jaypee vasant continental hotel. The hotel is hosting the pizza and pasta festival wherein its chef has handpicked five varieties of both pizzas and pastas. The items I have picked are very tasty and perfectly suit the Indian palate. Keeping individual tastes in mind, we have an offer both the mild pastas and fiery hot ones. When it comes to pizzas I have taken special efforts to choose the right ones, since I know that a large number of consumers of the pizza are young kids, says Pronoy, Gomes, Sous chef, Eggspectation, JayPee Vasant Continental.

In Pizzas, the festival offers pepperoni, Siciliana, Quattro, Stagioni, Formaggi and calzone while in pastas; there is Pollorida, Basilico, Tonino, MamaMia and Melanzane.
So do the vegetarians have an equal opportunity to enjoy Italian food or is it limited to non-vegetarian delicacies?
There is so much for vegetarians, that the meat eaters can start feeling bad. The food has a lot of garden fresh vegetables, says the chef. However the chef doesnt deny the pre-dominance of fish in the food,italain food has a lot of meat in it, its because they like mixing up ingredients and food items; it is in their taste buds to enjoy a variety of flavours along the same time.

The chef promises that the festival only serves authentic Italian style pizzas and pastas, there has been no change in the ingredients and the taste is pure italain.we have imported most of the ingredients like olive oil, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, fine flour Italy, he says. There is a lot of variety

Oct 20

What Are The Different Uses of Chocolate in Baking

Some of the uses of chocolate in baking are as follows:

1) Making chocolate curls for decorating on cake:

Melt 3 squares of chocolate and pour the melted chocolate onto wax paper and spread to a 3″ wide stripe. Let stand until cool but not firm. Peel across the top of the chocolate curls with a sharp instrument and transfer to a plate. Store chocolate curls in freezer. You can decorate puddings, custards, cream pies, ice cream or parfait with curls or grated chocolate.

2) Looking for a quick way to drizzle fudge topping on a cake? Put the fudge in a resealable plastic bag, snip off a corner of the bag and pipe the topping over the cake.

3) Sprinkle finely grated chocolate over eggnog.

4) When making chocolate cake rolls, you may want to mix chocolate and coffee as duo. Just add cooled melted chocolate and instant coffee granules together to filling.

5) Tip for making brownies, is to cool the melted chocolate mixture completely before combining with other ingredients. Aso, test the brownies 2-3 minutes before suggested finished baking time. Test the brownies with a wooden toothpick inserted in center. If it comes out clean, the brownies are done.

6) To melt the chocolate, place in microwave bowl along with the butter or whatever shortening the recipe lists as an ingredient. Microwave on high for 2 minutes or until shortening is melted. Stir until chocolate is completely melted.

7) If you are making a white cake, but you want some chocolate in it, ground 1-2 squares of chocolate finely and add to batter for an 8″ or 9″ cake. If you are making a 10″ angel food cake, you can ground and add 3 squares of chocolate to batter.

8) Tip for melting chocolate on top of stove: use a heavy saucepan on very low heat:

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