Oct 20

At A Pizza And Pasta Festival, Geetika Bhagat Tastes The Original Version And Comes Out Enlightened

Espresso, biscotti, an array of pizzas and pastas, a selection of cheeses, salami matching wines. If all the above are the perfect ingredients of your Sunday afternoon brunch, when we recommend a meal at eggspectations at the jaypee vasant continental hotel. The hotel is hosting the pizza and pasta festival wherein its chef has handpicked five varieties of both pizzas and pastas. The items I have picked are very tasty and perfectly suit the Indian palate. Keeping individual tastes in mind, we have an offer both the mild pastas and fiery hot ones. When it comes to pizzas I have taken special efforts to choose the right ones, since I know that a large number of consumers of the pizza are young kids, says Pronoy, Gomes, Sous chef, Eggspectation, JayPee Vasant Continental.

In Pizzas, the festival offers pepperoni, Siciliana, Quattro, Stagioni, Formaggi and calzone while in pastas; there is Pollorida, Basilico, Tonino, MamaMia and Melanzane.
So do the vegetarians have an equal opportunity to enjoy Italian food or is it limited to non-vegetarian delicacies?
There is so much for vegetarians, that the meat eaters can start feeling bad. The food has a lot of garden fresh vegetables, says the chef. However the chef doesnt deny the pre-dominance of fish in the food,italain food has a lot of meat in it, its because they like mixing up ingredients and food items; it is in their taste buds to enjoy a variety of flavours along the same time.

The chef promises that the festival only serves authentic Italian style pizzas and pastas, there has been no change in the ingredients and the taste is pure italain.we have imported most of the ingredients like olive oil, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, fine flour Italy, he says. There is a lot of variety of pastas like Penne, Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Butterflies-Farefalle, Conchiglie-Shells, Fussili et al, which is the most famous amongst his consumers and why? Indians prefer Spaghetti and Penne because they relate to these as they are very similar to noodles. says he. Pizzas and Pastas are available in various shapes, sizes and ingredients; does he feel that the look of food adds to its popularity. Yes, absoloutely.Pizzas and pastas look really delicious because they come in different colours and shapes and sizes, this attracts people of all ages towards them, says he.

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