Oct 29

Being A Food Handler Does Not Necessarily Restrict One To The Restaurant And The Food Processing Ind

Food handlers today form the backbone of Americas food processing and restaurant industry. They have been there for decades on end but have always been in the background until now. The food industry has had a growth spurt of sorts and along with that comes the requirement for more jobs. Its fairly simple actually, the more mouths there are to feedmore will be the need for people in processing packaged foods and in restaurants to meet that production goal.

Food handlers jobs can vary from servers in restaurants to people who help transport packaged or perishable foods to food processors at a packaged food production plantthose who help slice and dice meat for packaging and consumption. But there is a whole other side that also needs certified food handlers to get going with their daily routines, like schools, senior living communities and health care organizations like hospitals.

Senior living communities for example always need certified food handlers, for helping out in the kitchens as cooks; either assisting head cooks or when it comes to delivering meals. A food handlers card is a must out here because of the duties they are in charge of. A food handler here is responsible for the planning and preparation of meals for the entire client population. In the guise of a cook, they are also responsible for the overall operation of food services including the occasionally catered events at the community. They have to prepare bulk quantities of food, assist in planning menus, prepare healthy meals and maintain sanitary conditions in the kitchen. They are also responsible when it comes to the supplies and have to check inventory of food, utensils and supplies ensuring an adequate stock exists for the preparation of daily meals.

The same goes for college campuses and schools where food handlers are responsible for delivering hygienic daily meals at the cafeterias and dining halls ensuring that students enjoy safe meals. The job does lack supervisory responsibilities but there is a lot to learn and one could become a certified and trained food manager after a couple of years of experience in the same field.

So as one can see, there is a lot of opportunity that exists outside the food processing and restaurant industry for food handlers. All one has to do is simply look around and tap into the right areas. But there is also the need for other education qualifications as a requirement along with the standard food handler permit that is a must. These are job specific and will need individuals to look into those jobs before they take up such positions. So it is wise to check up on that before you jump right in.


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