Oct 27

Boost Your Employment Opportunity With A Food Handling Certificate

Do you fancy working in the food service industry of Australia? Then you will need a food handling certificate.

Whether you want to work as a kitchen hand, a chef or open up your own caf in Queenslands leading food district, you will find that food handling certificate is highly required. In fact is it among the first mandatory requirements for employment.

Where to get your food handling certificate?

There are many online training education providers in Australia today. But the best and most renowned of them all is Accredited Online Training or AOT.
AOT offers nationally accredited food handling certificate. This short course will give you the skills and knowledge required in the food service industry. You will be able to:

Apply and follow workplace hygiene practices and procedures.
Identify and control simple hazards.
Take hygienic measures necessary to ensure non-contamination of food that might put customers, colleagues and yourself at health risk.

AOTs food handling certificate course is a nationally accredited unit of competency under the requirements of the Australia Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Training education is delivered online. The food handling certificate course starts as soon as you sign up and log into your course. You can finish the course at any pace you want and you can even take a break and pause your online training education and resume afterwards at exactly where you left off.
Upon completion of the food handling certificate course, you will receive a Statement of Attainment for following workplace hygiene procedures as part of the advance Diploma of Tourism Management.

With the food handling certificate you can be sure to enhance you employment opportunities and build your skill base and knowledge in proper food handling and workplace hygiene.

To know more of AOTs food handling certificate course, call 1300 7266 34 or log on to


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