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Bread and pasta always the favorite of the Italians

Bread and pasta dishes as well as representing the backbone of the Italian diet and represent Italy in the world, are dishes that, if prepared the right way have great energy value and are a complete meal.

Precisely for this reason there are many rules that distinguish the various types of products having the reproduction in various forms is on the agenda and be assured of fresh and wholesome products is our right and duty. Just the month of September 2010 refers to the norm in this sector of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which updated the table of goods that can be sold directly from farms now include facilities include bread, pizzas, waffles and other salty snacks that can now be baked directly from the farmer and sold to the public. An important step not only for the convenience that can result from this concession but also for the assurance of authenticity and freshness of products. With this rule in fact, as also stressed Coldiretti about it, the consumer is sure to bring food products that have had a completely natural process and occur in the place of origin to ensure certainty with certainty a truly Made in Italy In a market like the Italian one in which half of the flour is imported from abroad cheaply and without any type of certification and other food. Just be sure the flour production site would have to push the recovery of the purchase of bakery products, consumption was greatly diminished in the first half of 2010, through direct marketing food products and not just a few ingredients.

This legislation also can return to our roots and rediscover food processing techniques remained unchanged over time and that few were keepers. Techniques that are now protected at Community level. Besides an opportunity to quality for the consumer, bypassing the stage that becomes the client side, this rule creates an opportunity to supplement their income for farms particularly those who grow corn, devalued in recent years, which may also introduce catering farmhouse. Many are in fact the reality that come through the specialization of these services for particular target consumers producing refreshment for tourists tourist cycle routes, marches, cultural excursions or harvests the rediscovery of the countryside and its enormous potential.

And ‘no doubt that the catering industry in general is increasingly aiming to integrate the reality that need to return to nature with that of the need for comfort and warmth. That’s why the spread of farm accommodation incorporating different realities and different types of service food delivery times at the bar, for the production of sandwiches, sandwiches and other delicious all-natural, sometimes at the health centers with the installation of infrastructure such as swimming pools, exhibitions and trails to satisfy the special needs in an environmentally friendly, quality service and great person.

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