Jul 05

Food Scientist Jobs – Career Explained

Food scientist jobs are important to our society, as these individuals are responsible for researching and developing ways to improve the food and beverage products we consume on a daily basis. The most common career options in this field are as food science technicians because the actual scientists who oversee many of the tests typically have advanced degrees at the doctoral level. The degrees needed for food science technicians are typically bachelors degrees, and these important professionals work very close with scientists in all the tests they conduct.

Biological technicians, chemical technicians, environmental science technicians and food technicians all work in similar fields. Food scientist jobs at the technician level require performing tests on food and agricultural products, scrutinizing the results and keeping records under the supervision of a head scientist. You may also be required to maintain inventories of equipment and order lab supplies as needed. You may work in a lab in an urban city or in a more remote location.

The most important career information you need to know is the education and training required for food science technicians. While the top food scientist jobs require doctoral degrees and a great deal of research experience, food science technician jobs may only require a two-year associates degree in applied science. Most technicians have bachelors degrees in fields such as biology or chemistry, though, which helps boost your resume and salary potential. An internship will also help provide more opportunities to advance your new career in the earliest stages after college graduation.

The average annual salary for food science technicians in the United States is $42,270, but there is room for advancement. The salary may also depend on where you work, what kind of lab you work for, where you went to school and how much experience you had when you started the job. And who knows, maybe youll even decide to continue your education and pursue the top food scientist jobs with the responsibilities of managing entire laboratories. With additional education you can do just about anything in this field.

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