Jul 03

Organic Food Among Food Products In India Is Fairly Pricier

Organic food, if truth be told, costs more among food products in India. And as per records, even though this is not going to cost a fortune, it is not affordable for the majority of Indians. Dont forget that two India exists at the same time Shining India and Suffering India. Well, you are always at liberty to check the authenticity of this statement with food products manufacturers in India, Indian food manufacturers and of course restaurant food suppliers.

Why do organic foods cost more among food products in India? Prior to assessing the same, we must focus on the basic traits of organic food. Not only in India but in any other country too, organic foods contain greater quantities of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and moreover, these do taste better compared to the farm produced food. Organic food does also remain devoid of any form of colourings, pesticides, preservatives and insecticides fertilizers, known as highly lethal for the human body. But it is also true that recently the cost of organic food has grown astronomically among food products in India. How can this be justified? As per experts, scores of factors do subsist behind this astronomical rise in price.

Experts along with their studies do confirm that production of these sorts of food products is exceedingly restricted and fail to gratify the demand to a great extent. Studies do also confirm that only a few food products manufacturers in India and Indian food manufacturers are associated with its production. And a fewer number of restaurant food suppliers are found to be engaged with delivering organic food products in the sphere of India. There are some other factors, accountable for the mounting rates of organic foods. To cut a long story short, total cost entailed in the production procedure of organic foods is fairly higher. One of the main reasons behind the same is greater amount of labour efforts on diminutive and less number or production units.

The instant preliminary procedure of harvesting gets completed; the next processes like processing, transport and promotion of fairly small or greater volume of organic food do start. All these lead to somewhat higher price of the food product. Perhaps now you can realize the reasons that make cost of organic food grow astronomically among food products in India.


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