Oct 15

The Raw Food Diet

Who doesn’t want lots of energy, who doesn’t want to forget about medication, to enjoy an enviable health, a happy soul in a healthy body? With raw diet you can lose very easy the extra pounds, you can heal almost any disease, from the worst’s to the minor ones.

What I’m telling you is nothing new, it is not a secret, it is nothing complicated, it is just the raw food.

But let’s see what the raw diet is?

The base of raw diet is un-cooked, un-processed food, 40 C (104 F) to 46 C (115 F). The raw diet includes all vegetables, fruits and nuts. However it can include raw milk, raw yoghurt, raw cheese and raw meat.

The most popular raw diet is the raw vegan diet.

Raw foodist, like me, believes that foods cooked at more than 40 C, will lose their vitamins and nutrients that are good for our body.

This diet includes all vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains and legumes.

A lot of people, who are raw vegan, are much healthier, have more energy, have a clear skin, are jollier, etc. All in all, they’re enjoying a better life.

The raw diet was introduced by the famous writer Ellen White, and appreciated since 1863.

The raw idea attracted a lot of people of all generations. Some time ago, all the raw food related information where available only to Hollywoodian stars, however, now we are all enjoying the access to a lot of information and recipes. Some people believe that if we eat raw we can’t enjoy cakes, cookies, lasagna, and pasta. Thats not true.

Let’s return to the benefits of this diet. Raw food can help heal cancer, leukemia, tumors, diabetes, asthma, obesity, insomnia, acne, allergies, constipation, urinary infection, lack of energy, hair loss, cyst etc.

How can we introduce raw diet in our life?

First of all we have to be convinced that raw food is good for us. Of course, we’ll need a lot of will, but knowing the fact that raw food will help us fight against diseases and will ensure a longer life will help us stay on the track.

One way to start is by introducing more raw vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts in our eating habits, or, you can just start overnight, like me.

Start with two raw meals over day and just one that is cooked, if you want to have a snack try to eat a fruit, a raw desert or salad. Introduce in your diet the green smoothie.

As a conclusion, I can guarantee you, that if you go raw, not necessarily totally, 80 % is also OK, and you will see the difference by yourself.

Robert Cassar, Marcus Patrik, Angela Stokes, the Boutenko family, Philip McCluskey and Audrey Walker are just a few of the famous raw people.


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